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I work with people all over this country, but I specialize in working on Maui websites. Since I live on Maui, I can deliver a more personal, casual approach to creating your website.  Instead of nothing but phone calls and long emails, we can meet and talk things over. I can come to your residence or place of business, or we could meet at a coffee shop.  I deal with all kinds of people from novices to experts. I will explain myself in user friendly everyday terms. Making it easy for anyone to understand anything related to websites, no matter what your previous experience or lack of maybe.

Maybe you already have a website but it isn't doing well with traffic. What your website might need is Search Engine Optimization.  I have had great success with the website that I have optimized.  SEO is something I do very well.  

Perhaps your website is older and doesn't do well in today's mobile environment.  Maybe what you need is a website makeover.  A new mobile ready design.  Responsive website design is the answer to that problem.  A responsive website design looks good on a wide screen and on a cell phone screen as well.  Sometimes it is a matter of having the website morph into another display that fits the screen it's being view on, sometimes it's a matter of shrinking everything to fit. 

Most often keeping your website up to date is a must. If you would rather not deal with any website maintenance in the future, I can offer a tailor made maintenance plan that will fit your website's needs. My plans are very inexpensive. If you are interested, we can discuss a maintenance plan once the website's design and function has been established. This way we will know what type of changes need to be made and how often.

You might already have an idea of what you want the website to look like or how you want the website to function.   I can then, give you feedback on the site design.   I can also explain what ideas I have for your website.  Last but not least I will give you a firm price for the website work.  I welcome you to call as your neighbor.  Estimates are free.  After we get together you are more than welcome to shop around and compare prices and quality.  I am confident that the quality of my work and my low prices can't be beat.

I have lived on Maui for 26 years now. I love working with people and exchanging ideas. I work with both personal and commercial websites. I am an up front honest business man with a great sense of integrity. I believe that treating my customers very well, will only bring me more customers. This strategy has served me well all my personal and business life. I hope you give me a call and see how easy the website experience can be for you or your business when you contract a local webmaster. Call Webmaster Ralph and we can meet face to face calmly and intelligently discussing your website.

Below is a sneak peak window with some website I have developed and designed.